Sunday, December 04, 2005

The first newspaper in Scandinavia (1749) online.

Newspaper Index proudly presents: The first newspaper in Scandinavia (1749) now online. Thу first Scandinavian newspaper has been scanned an put online.
Yesterday I was holding newspaper history in my hands. The first omnibus newspaper ever published in Scandinavia from January 1749. The owner - a gentleman who had in it in his family’s possession since it was published - let me scan it on his flatbed.

Here starts the international reporting.

Wiena: Russian troops has left for Poland, more will leave soon.
Hanover: Several people killed and about 40 injured when lightning hit a church in Diepholz.
Paris: Speculations about where Prince Edward might be. In Avignon? Maybe in Switzerland?
London: The House of Commons decided to raise the number of men in the navy to 17.000 during 1749.


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